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Our Mission

We believe ₳DA's proof-of-stake protocols are the future of crypto and one of many critical shifts necessary to save our planet from the excessive e-waste and carbon emmisions of mining. 

Our Story

We are a group of managers, designers, and developers with a shared vision of the future. We started Hodler Coalition because we believe in the transformative power that decentralized blockchain technology is going to have on ours, and our children's futures. By hosting Proof of Stake protocols (Cardano), that are being implemented in inclusive and ethical ways we are contributing to and accelerating the development of the very foundations of our digital tomorrow, without contributing to the destruction of our planet. This is what keeps us Hodling.

Hodler Coaliton leverages Cardano to solve real world problems related to climate change. We stand by this goal by donating 20% of operator revenue to the CNC Ala project. This project supports reforestation and permaculture in Madagascar. 


What Sets 
Us Apart

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