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Crypto Commandments

Best practices for avoiding scam artists

Keep your seed phrase offline

NEVER expose your seed phrase to the internet (should not be saved on a computer that will ever connect to the internet). No one will ever ask for your seed phrase and you should never input it into anything except a legit wallet (preferably HW wallet)

Key equals coin

If you don't possess the private keys to your wallet you don't possess your coin. This is the primary reason exchanges are unsafe and have been hacked repeatedly. they are not giving people their private keys and they are not securing the private keys they do hold.

Triple check when sending

Always verify the address you are sending to. Some malware will highjack your copy and paste memory to swap out the address with theirs and steel your coin. Avoid this with a visual verification of the address and or sending a small amount to test the address before sending the entire amount.


What keeps us hodling

We work hard to provide a superior staking option because we believe in the power of ADA. We are dedicated to optimizing profitability and are committed to a transparent, supportive and reliable partnership with our fellow hodlers. 


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