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Staking services for a green Cardano 

Renewably powered staking services providing maximized ROA, low fees, and high-reliability

Not all staking pools are created equal

We invite like-minded delegators to join us and become part of the Hodler Coalition. Our vision is of a green path forward and a future that we can be proud to pass down to the next generation. We believe in Cardano and it's potential to provide a clean crypto option. If you feel the same, join us today. Together we can take back our planet.

Green Blockchain

While Cardano is viewed as the green crypto option, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of that definition. Together we contribute to Cardano's climate positive future.

Safe & Secure Delegation Choice

Delegating your funds with our pool means your money never leaves your account and that you are free to exit a staking pool at anytime. You're always in control.

Enhanced Block Producing Capability

Our stake pool maintains an advanced network of nodes with 24/7 failover maximizing uptime, which increases the likelihood of producing blocks. This means higher and more reliable yields for our delegates.

Education, Support & Decentralization

We provide a community of support and educational tools to our delegates in return for their trust and commitment to our coalition. We are a group of managers, designers, and developers dedicated to building an advanced, reliable network.


Proud members of Climate Neutral Cardano

Hodler Coaliton leverages Cardano to solve real world problems related to climate change. We stand by this goal by donating 20% of operator revenue to the CNC Ala project. This project supports reforestation and permaculture in Madagascar. 

A Look at Our Pool




Epoch Fee



Are you ready to make a difference?

True to our name, we are committed to a long term goal that can only be reached through a network of support and partnerships built on a shared vision. The Cardano vision.

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